Four Channel wireless system

Basic four channel wireless

Relays, The Electromechanical amplifier

How Encoders and Decoders work

Encoder and Decoder Selection Guide

Characteristics of wireless systems


Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor and Fresnel lens

DPB PYD1798 Digital Motion Detector components

DP-001 Digital Motion Detector Module

DP-002 Digital Motion Detector Module

Digital direction sensing motion detector

Motion detector module

Motion detector kit 

How IR motion detector components work

Focusing devices for pyroelectric sensors

RIR Reflective Infrared devices  

Free schematics and design info




Electronic kits

Our home page will guide you to new and unusual project kits designed by our engineers.  

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  • Photography program for kids -  All About CCD Imager and CMOS Chips. Thank you Carol and Emily for sharing this with us!

  • Oscilloscopes - Electronic test equipment used for observing wave shape, with clear, easy to read LCD screens. Available from Circuit Specialists, Inc. with unique features and functions compared to your average digital storage oscilloscope.

  • Wireless headset - World's best wireless headset

  • Aerospace Hardware - O-Rings, Aircraft Fasteners, Nas Screws and Terminals.

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  • Electricalfun -  A place for fun, learning, and exploration in the world of electricity and its technologies

  • Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) -  NIR Moisture Sensors, Moisture Gauges, Moisture Analyzers Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) is a manufacturer of moisture gauges and sensors, providing worldwide industries, accurate and reliable moisture measurements for quality control in manufacturing processes

  • Consumer Electronics Product - Dannies Electronics engaged in the import and export of consumer electronics. Compare prices and buy electronic products.

  • ElectronicsUSA - Digital Clocks, Digtial Timers, LED Art Clocks,
     Ham Radio, Electronic Kits, and cool gadgets.

  • HMC Electronics - Products used in electronic assembly and repair

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  • Astrosonic - The Hypergate to Cyberspace, Technology Hypergate - robotics

  • Gerber viewer - View and print PC board layout and drill data

  • Yahoo! - Currency exchange converter - US dollars <---> other Country's Money

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